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Pregnancy and Pediatric
Chiropractic Care Port Hope

Our team takes care of every member of your family. Dr. Robin and Dr. Caroline have regular chiropractic adjustments to keep living actively and vibrantly. Their son, Emerson, has received chiropractic care since he was born. We love seeing moms and their kids benefit from natural health care!


How can you help pregnant moms?

When you’re expecting, your body undergoes numerous changes. As your baby grows, so does your belly. Your center of gravity shifts and certain areas like your low back or pelvis may hurt. We can address these concerns and help you stay active up until your baby’s birth.

Do you provide the Webster Technique?

Dr. Caroline is certified in the Webster Technique. Many moms whose babies are not in optimal position seek out this technique. It may allow your baby to have the space to turn into the proper position for birth.

Why would a child need chiropractic care?

Your baby’s spine is fully developed by the end of your pregnancy. Segments of the spine can be pushed out of place or jammed up while your baby is in the womb. Birth trauma can also cause these issues. As your baby grows, they’ll experience falls and tumbles. These can also injure their spine. Though it may seem harmless, it can create serious health issues if left untreated.

How will I know if my child should see a chiropractor?

It can be difficult to recognize when your child has spinal problems. A chiropractor is trained in evaluating the spine, making them the most appropriate person to determine if your child needs help. We’re happy to give them a thorough evaluation.

There are certain signs you can look for, such as

  • A child’s head consistently tilting to the side
  • Restricted neck and head motion
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns (only an hour or two at a time for infants)
  • Feeding difficulties in infants
  • Difficulty nursing on one side

There are other disorders that may indicate a spinal problem. Persistent sore throats, headaches, earache, colic, growing pains and bed-wetting are common issues that parents seek help for their children with.

What if my child feels unsure about getting adjusted?

We’ll make going to the chiropractor a fun experience for them. Dr. Robin and Dr. Caroline will joke around with them and help them feel comfortable. They can come for as many visits as they’d like before they agree to get adjusted. Then, they can lie down on Mom or Dad, or bring a toy with them.

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