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Whale Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Port Hope Patients Say

At Whale Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I have been able to stop taking antidepressant medications

I felt like a new person after each adjustment, felt more hopeful and positive – migraines came less often. My “bad” days, which used to be how I lived regularly (ie neck and shoulder pain, headaches), now only happen about once every 4-6 weeks!

My energy level and overall sense of well-being is awesome and I have been able to stop taking antidepressant medications as well.

– S.R.

Imagine what it can do for you

I am 22 years old and beginning a new life. I first went to Dr. Whale with a sore back, and little expectation for improvement. I now have a strong, flexible spine, a healthy mind that requires NO medication, and an overall sense of wellness. I have been off lithium now for over a month, I feel great, I’ve had more energy than I’ve had since I can remember, and I’ve become a positive, open-minded individual. I love my life and cannot imagine how mundane it would have been had I not walked into this office. If chiropractic care can do this much for me, imagine what it can do for you.

– R.B.

I feel more alert and safer behind the wheel of my car

Severe stiffness in back and shoulder area; pain in neck, wrists, and elbows. I could not turn properly in my car while driving, long trips were out of the question. I noticed at first there were times when I felt worse but as I persevered through a regular routine of treatments and recommended exercises at home, I felt amazingly better. At times I wondered if this was the right thing to do but now I know it was!!

I feel over 100% improved, I see Robin on a regular basis now because “I can” not because I feel that I have to!! I feel more alert and safer behind the wheel of my car and I can sit for long periods of time without supporting my neck, my sleep has improved a lot.
Robin is one of the best!!! He has certainly increased my quality of life.

– D.H.

My immune system is stronger and my migraines have disappeared

I began receiving treatment from Dr. Robin Whale in 2007 after living in constant pain since late 1999. I had injured my foot in an accident and had not been able to walk properly after my bones healed. Which led to problems with my hips and lower back. I walked with a noticeable limp and most days needed a cane.
Once my bones had healed, my doctor and orthopedic doctor had told me there was nothing more could be done for me. I was told I would soon develop arthritis but I should just go home and live with it.I consulted with two chiropractors and my acupuncturist referred me to Dr. Whale.

Dr. Whale’s focus is the whole body (he is also the first chiropractor that ordered x-rays of my spine). I began my treatments, attending 3 times per week. I can honestly say that by the end of the first month I was pain free! My cane was put away at the back of the closet.

Today I no longer feel 20 years older than my age but more like 10 years younger than my age. I believe my immune system is stronger (I went through the past winter without a cold or flu) and my migraines have disappeared. And, of course, I can walk (even run) now.

I travel approximately 50kms each way to receive treatment from Dr. Whale. I am happy to go the distance for Dr. Whale as I feel he has more than gone the distance for me.

– H.F.P.

I dance better and I smile wider

To be absolutely honest I felt pretty amazing before I started chiropractic. I was finishing massage school, exercising regularly and feeling very empowered. I used massage therapy and was eating a really healthy diet. I didn’t feel like I needed much more.

After starting however, I began to feel things moving, physical as well as emotionally. There were some old injuries, which started to heal, and some emotional challenges that I started to overcome. With some pain, and lots and lots of laughter I started to feel even better.

Now after two years, I’m feeling better than I ever imagined. I can run and ride my bike twice as long as I could before. I dance better and I smile wider.
Thank you so much Robin and Caroline for everything.

– M.H.

Living testament of the powers of chiropractic care

At age 37, I was referred to Dr. Whale as I had severe low back pain, which would often leave me flat in bed for two weeks at a time, unable to walk, even to my bathroom. I became extremely depressed that I would not heal, and that sports and way of life that I enjoyed for so many years was gone.

I had never even considered chiropractic as I was always surrounded by healthcare professionals who recommended other forms of care for me. Prior to attending Dr. Whale, I had been through ten plus years of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and even tried one round of acupuncture from a surgeon with such training. While I appreciated, and still do appreciate the efforts of each of these individuals, their treatment had not provided me with enough temporary relief or confidence to continue my healing process.

Upon visiting Dr. Whale’s office, not only did I leave walking better than I had for years after one week, but the boost that this provided me psychologically was enormous. I continue to attend monthly chiropractic visits with Dr. Whale and cannot say enough about the exemplary service I have received from him and his staff. I am living testament of the powers of chiropractic care, and cannot say thank you enough.

– S.T.

Whale Family Chiropractic, almost like extended family!

Lethargic, headaches, upper back and neck pain, inner ear and balance problems. Yes, I tried other methods of treatment and I was seeing another chiropractor before we came to Port Hope, with little relief.

Once I began care, I noticed Robin was a ‘healer’ not just a ‘back cracker’. I felt more energy flow within my body (less lethargic). My health has improved with chiropractic care, generally minor aches and pains which are just a sign of normal mechanical operation and the body healing itself. I’d say I’m 200% better body wise – now I just have to work on my mind.

Everyone involved in care is extremely helpful and genuinely caring at Whale Family Chiropractic, almost like extended family!

– Ron

My outlook has totally changed and I feel that I’m back in control

My symptoms included no energy, loss of confidence, and headaches so I sought treatment from medical doctors. After starting care with Robin, I changed my way of thinking and focused on the positive.

Now my outlook has totally changed and I feel that I’m back in control. I tell everyone how I’ve changed my focus about myself and my medical test results are also proving the difference.

– J.J.

Last winter, was totally sickness free

Symptoms were severe pain from my right hip to toes on the right foot, causing pins and needles in the toes. Nothing gave me any relief from the constant pain. There were times when it was difficult just to walk, the pain was so severe. When getting out of bed or standing up from a sitting position, I would have to be careful not to fall, as the pain was so severe I could not stand up properly.

I had seen my doctor several times, had several weeks of physiotherapy and numerous different pain killers and muscle relaxers. The physio did nothing at all to ease the pain. Pain killers worked for a few hours then wore off.

Within a few weeks of receiving adjustments from Robin, I could feel the pain easing up, starting in the lower leg and foot. The ‘cure’ was not instant – in fact there were times when I thought I was wasting my time, as it didn’t appear that anything was really happening. It took several months of treatments, three times weekly, before I could say that I was ‘pain free’. While I still get twinges of pain in my leg, it is nothing like what I was suffering before.
Not only am I virtually pain free, I am finding that I have more energy, no headaches, and last winter, was totally sickness free.

– P.E.

My bowling has improved by 50 pins

Before chiropractic care, I had very bad lower back pain, also very bad neck and shoulder pain, which I’ve had for 20 years. I tried conventional doctors and all their pills with only temporary relief. Also pain pills, off the shelf, with no results. Within 2 weeks of intensive adjustments, all back pain was gone. The neck took longer as I was leary of adjusting it.

After 8 months of adjustments, I feel like a new person. I’m doing things I haven’t done in years, like gardening and painting. I belong to a bowling league and my bowling has improved by 50 pins. Hats off to Robin for being so patient with me.

– L.M.

Playing sports is pain free

My back was really sore. I couldn’t bend over, couldn’t sleep and was having heartburn. I wasn’t as active and headaches seemed common. I didn’t try other methods of treatment as I thought stretching would help, it didn’t really help much, just a bit.

After I started chiropractic care, I wasn’t in pain nearly as much. Sleeping was a lot easier and my mood was better. I feel great, I still get the odd pain once in a while but no where near what it used to be. I feel like I have more energy and playing sports is pain free. My mood is better, I’m happy, I feel more fit and I don’t get headaches as much either. I feel healthy – I love it!

I don’t know why I didn’t come sooner, I was skeptical about it … now I know it works.

– K.S.

I’d be crippled without it

My health issues included neck and back pain primarily with some shoulder and knee pain as well as scoliosis. I chose Whale Family Chiropractic as my parents have been patients.

I was not taking any action prior to receiving Chiropractic care, and noticed improved flexibility and better breathing soon after beginning adjustments.
Chiropractic has been successful for me as I don’t have to use drugs to manage my pain – I’d be crippled without it, it allows me a quality of life.

– T.H.

I’m able to walk my dogs for longer periods of time each day

I suffered with chronic pain in my left hip, saw my family doctor who arranged x-rays, and visited a physiotherapist who recommended exercises. After beginning care with Dr. Caroline, I found a greater range of motion and less pain.

Having my left hip pain-free allows me to run every second day, walk my dogs for longer periods of time each day and sit comfortably.
Chiropractic care has been successful because Caroline has magical hands!

– D.H.


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