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New Practice Members

When you walk into Whale Family Chiropractic, you’ll feel our happiness and energy. We love what we do! Our team understands how it feels to be new to our clinic and will make you feel comfortable from the first moment you meet them. Though you may come in pain, you will leave feeling more hopeful about regaining your health and looking forward to your next appointment.

Your First Visit

Please contact our office by phone or email to schedule your First or Initial Visit, we will email you the Health History Form to complete online. When you arrive for your appointment, one of our Chiropractic Healing Assistants will show you around the office. You’ll go to a private room to meet with your chiropractor for about 30 minutes. We’ll ask about your health history, current concerns, and your goals. An examination will give us valuable information about how best to help you.

You will receive your first adjustment if the doctor determines that you are ready to get started without further testing.
Please call or and email the office to schedule your visit and receive the Health History Form.

Your Second Visit

At your next appointment, we’ll discuss the findings from your examination. You’ll receive our recommendations for your care and we will monitor your progress.

Find Out More About Us

You may have questions about chiropractic or what we do. We’re here to help. Contact us today to get the answers you need or to book an appointment!


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