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Chiropractic Care

More energy. Less stress. Improved balance. Better posture. Reduced pain. Greater flexibility. Live longer. Get in tune with your senses. Let life take on a new meaning and reach your full potential for health. Though it may sound like a dream to some, we’ve seen our practice members achieve these goals time and time again.

Taking Control of Your Life and Health

At Whale Family Chiropractic, Dr. Caroline and Dr. Robin want to help you get in tune with your senses. Your life can take on a new meaning, and you will reach your full potential for health. It’s our goal to assist you in becoming stronger, more resistant to disease, to perform in ways you haven’t before and appreciate your body.

In turn, you’ll be in a position to teach others about how they, too, can have better health. One of the most common ways our practice members find us is through word of mouth. We love it when we’re recommended to other people in the community!

What You Can Expect

There are many conditions that our practice members have sought our help with. These include headaches, low back pain and frozen shoulder. Your care with us will depend on what you require to get better. Likely, we’ll see you twice a week for a number of weeks. After a re-evaluation, the frequency will decrease as you’ve gotten better.

Our chiropractors primarily use hands-on techniques. They can also provide adjustments using the Activator® instrument. Dr. Caroline is certified in the Webster Technique, which is for pregnant moms.

A Safe, Relaxed Environment

You’ll find that our team is compassionate, approachable and will earn your trust. We don’t judge anyone who walks through our door. We’re here to help you and make every effort to get you better. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!


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