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Meet Dr. Robin Whale B.Sc., D.C.

Deciding on Chiropractic Early in Life

Chiropractor Port Hope, Dr. Robin WhaleAt the age of 14, Dr. Robin got his first chiropractic adjustment. This single experience was all he needed to know that he wanted to become a chiropractor. He was inspired by seeing his father stay upright and vital by receiving chiropractic care since 1949. Over the years, Dr. Robin has received regular adjustments and continues to feel vibrant, alive and purposeful, living agelessly.

Dr. Robin graduated from chiropractic college in 1992. Since then, he has continued to feel fascinated by the intelligence and wisdom of the body. He loves to teach others how to tap into that power and use it to heal and serve others.

Your Guide to Incredible Health

At Whale Family Chiropractic, Dr. Robin’s role is to facilitate, guide and empower people of all ages. He assists them in learning and practicing the science and art of health in mind, body and spirit. His practice members are encouraged to follow commonsense lifestyle choices and listening to their natural, inborn wisdom.

The best part of what Dr. Robin does involves seeing the light in peoples’ eyes as they regain their vitality and can do more of what they love. Our entire team is efficient and caring and each member plays a role in our practice members’ healing process.

Living Vibrantly

Dr. Robin is married to the amazing Dr. Caroline Taylor. Together, they are a dynamic team that brings their own unique gifts to our practice. In his spare time, Dr. Robin cherishes quality time with family. They often camp, travel or play games in area parks. His personal interests include studying how to stay young and vital in mind and body, and how the mind creates and eliminates disease. He also enjoys music.

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